Are you continuing to use Helix or MICRO CADAM even though it was desupported on June 30, 2001?

Have you asked the following questions?

  • Is there a good back-up plan if Helix or MICRO CADAM fails?
  • Will an environment change affect the behavior of Helix or MICRO CADAM?
    • Upgrade or patch to the OS or system software
    • Upgrade to hardware
    • Change in revision level of incoming data such as AutoCAD
  • Will Helix or MICRO CADAM remain viable for as long as I need to use it?
  • Have I evaluated the alternatives?

If you are not satisfied with all of your answers, you need to consider CATIA CADAM Drafting (CCD). CCD is the latest CADAM product in a product line that has been marketed and fully supported for over 30 years.

CCD provides the smoothest transition possible from either Helix or MICRO CADAM to a powerful and fully supported drafting system. More than 30 companies have migrated Helix data to CCD since desupport of Helix was announced, with hundreds of thousands of drawings transferred without a problem. Engineers have been able to make the transition in a matter of minutes and hours, barely skipping a beat as they move from one system to another.

A complete staff of knowledgeable experts at Dassault Systemes Americas Corp. (DSAC) can provide you information and guide you through the migration process. You have the option of either making the migration yourself or having DSAC or any of a large number of business partners complete the migration for you or help at any level you choose.

If you are considering migrating to a new and supported system, how do you accomplish this? Please see if the following checklist can help you approach this task efficiently and completely.

  1. Check the CADAM Drafting website at Here you will find a wealth of information as well as downloadable software. You can download a trial copy of CCD that includes the MICRO CADAM/ Helix translator, or you can download the translator by itself if you already have CCD.
  2. Your largest investment is in your data. Ensure whatever system you choose protects or enhances the value of your data. Actually, only one system can give you a complete translation, and that is CCD.
  3. Call or ask someone for help. You can ask for help at by using the 'Contact Us' feature or e-mailing us at
  4. Use the Helix Replacement Product Checklist to evaluate replacement CAD systems. Using it will ensure that you consider all important issues.
  5. Consider the following: Since MICROCADAM INC ceased maintenance of MICRO CADAM and Helix in the U.S. and Europe, there is no authorized agent who can maintain or support these products. IBM in Japan will retain sole control over the source. So any agent trying to provide general support will really not have the ability to do so.



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