Helix Replacement Product Checklist

  Feature CADAM Drafting Other CAD System
Data Transfer and preserve full integrity of CADAM data (see reverse)? YES  
Batch and interactive translator available? YES  
Translator and support provided directly by CAD vendor? YES  
Single, direct translation from Helix to new system (w/no size limit)? YES  
Is the translator free? YES  
Ability to migrate raster data (keep in same model with vector data)? YES  
Ability to migrate Access routines? YES  
Continued access to Mainframe CADAM data? YES  
Function Same CADAM user interface? YES  
Immediate productivity? YES  
Minimal training required? YES  
Products Raster product available? YES  
Access product available? YES  
LDX product available? YES  
View/Mark-up product available? YES  
Cost Discounted migration from Helix? YES  
Lowest cost for rework of data? YES  
Lowest re-training costs? YES  
Future Future for your data (an industry-accepted advanced product line)? YES  
Premier support provided by BP and/or directly from vendor? YES  
Financially stable company? YES  

CADAM Drafting - "More than a Pretty Picture"

CADAM Drafting (CCD) is "CADAM-compliant" (data, function, product mix, etc.). When you transfer your Helix data to CCD, you get true CADAM data and integrity (much more than a pretty picture). We will translate your data here and now (or at your site), with no clean-up or post-processing. Please look carefully at the results, and please challenge any other vendor to do that. Make sure dimensions are dimensions, for example.

Please compare the translation of the following Helix data types to CCD and any other CAD system:

  • Symbol tables
  • Font tables
  • Format tables
  • Special characters
  • Plot formats
  • Model text
  • Dimensions (protected fields, tolerances, leading & trailing text, standards, out of scale, etc.)
  • Scaled views (look at text sizes, arrowhead sizes, etc.)
  • Turned views
  • Overlays
  • Window sets
  • Nested details, dittos, sets (rotated or scaled)
  • Raster data (stored in one single CCD file with the vector data)
  • Complex double byte character strings (boxed notes, etc.)
  • Splines and offset splines (also relimited)
  • No-shown geometry
  • Ellipses
  • Areafills with complex boundaries
  • GD&T special characters
  • Plot data
  • UPI
  • Notes (text span, text slant, etc.)
  • And, of course, your easier 2D geometry

What happens if there is a problem with a translation for CCD? Easy, we fix it. Single translation, single vendor, single point of contact. Ask for a strong referral on this.

What happens if there is a problem with a translation to another vendor's system? Do you go to that vendor? Do you go to the company that's writing the translation software for them? The sending system is very different from the receiving system, so there are bound to be compromises. Your data is too important.

We have the absolute best translations available at any price. Speaking of price, ours is free. This is because the level of effort is minimal, and because we have been doing this for many years. CADAM data maps to CADAM data very well, and we beg any vendor to challenge that statement. Nobody can or will beat us on this.

Thank you.


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