Why not consider getting a CATIA CADAM Drafting (CCD) CADAM Drafting Keypad. The CADAM Drafting Keypad is a separate hardware device that allows you to push a button to change major CCD functions rather than selecting the function with the mouse. When a user becomes proficient with a Keypad, he or she can choose a major function almost immediately. It is similar to a person who is a touch typist choosing specific letters on a keyboard or a person who can use a 10-key number pad.

When a user chooses a function with the mouse, it requires movement of the mouse to a specific location and pushing a mouse button. The difference in time to use the mouse vs. the keypad is significant. When a user becomes proficient with a Keypad, it is common to see the user rest his or her hand on the Keypad ready to select a new major function.

OK. So, how many times in a session does an average CCD user select a major function. Our studies show that FK selections are between 10% to more than 20% of the user interaction with the hardware. This depends on the type of work being done, but major function selection is a substantial part of a typical user session. In fact a typical session average is closer to the 20% mark.

Additionally, the most productive users will discover that it is faster to push the FK button than selecting the /RETURN/ sub menu. This could increase time savings even further. Also, after becoming proficient, most users will report that the Keypad relieves tedium and allows them to focus on the engineering task rather than having to consciously position the mouse on the function to use.

If you could improve 20% of the function select time substantially, is that worth investigating? Function Keypads cost just $245 in quantities of one. However, through 2013, you can try a Function Keypad for three months at no charge. We will pay shipping both ways if you choose not to purchase the Function Keypad. We think you will decide that the Function Keypad is such a productivity booster, that you will want one for everyone who uses CCD.

If you are interested, please select the link below, and it will automatically take you to the application form. It will give you the information you need to try this Function Keypad for yourself.

Yes, I want to try one!


Package includes:

  • CADAM Drafting Keypad.
  • Installation instructions.
  • Full set of key labels for all programmable functions.

System Requirements:

  • Any Intel-based personal computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.
  • The keypad will attach to any available USB port on your computer.
  • The keypad will work with any currently supported version of CADAM Drafting, both V4 and V5.


The CADAM Drafting Keypad comes pre-programmed as follows:

Point Line Circle Spline
Type Relimit Corner Offset
Group Symbol Detail Dimension
CADEX Analysis Raster Note
Show View Origin Refresh
Window Overlay Save YN

Custom pre-programming is available upon request.

Installation instructions:

Click here to view the full installation instructions (PDF format - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Reprogramming the USB version of the CADAM Drafting Keypad requires the installation of a software utility. Click here to download the utility. Instructions for installing the utility can be found in the installation instructions for the keypad.



Number of keypads ordered Price per keypad
1 - 9 $245
10 - 49 $225
50 - 99 $205
100 - 249 $185
250 or more $165

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