CADAM Drafting White Papers

Installing Licensing for CCD (November 2009 - PDF document)

Network Plotting with CADAM Drafting on Windows 2000 - (May 24, 2002 - PDF document)

Tips on Using the OLE Feature in CADAM Drafting - (PDF document)

Viewing CADAM Drafting drawings with Adobe Acrobat Reader - (PDF document)

Installing On-line Documentation on UNIX - (PDF document)

CADAM Drafting Windows Installation - Tips and Techniques for installing CADAM Drafting V4 and V5 on Windows, including information on migrating from Mainframe CADAM and MicroCADAM/Helix (April 2002 - 3MB PDF file)

Including/launching a CCD model from within another Windows application - Package includes instructions and a working example using Microsoft Excel. (September 7, 2001 - 127KB Zip file containing a Word document and an Excel example)

Helix Migration Workshop - COE Presentation (October 3, 2000 - 302KB Powerpoint file)

Remote plotting from a Windows client to a UNIX server - (September 9, 2000 - HTML document)

Management of Paper Drawings in an Electronic Environment - (April 24, 1997 - 139KB PDF document)


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