CADAM Drafting Changes in V4R2.0

System Changes

Nutcracker (Windows NT only)

CADAM Drafting no longer utilizes the Nutcracker product. If you have the Nutcracker Kernal Service running because you have been running a previous version of CADAM Drafting, you may now remove it.

User Settings saved in Registry (Windows NT only)

A number of user preferences are now saved in the Windows NT Registry and will be reactivated when the user restarts CADAM Drafting. The saved settings include the size and placement of the CADAM Drafting window, the position of the Function Key toolbar, the last plotter selected, all settings under "Device Settings", all settings under "Display Settings", and the setting of the "Show Axis on New" switch.

Successful Save Confirmation (Windows NT only)

The status bar at the bottom of the window will now show the progress of a Save or Save As operation and provide a confirmation message upon completion.

X,Y Location (Windows NT only)

The status bar now contains panes that show the current X,Y location of the cursor.

Clipboard (Windows NT only)

When writing a bitmap image from CADAM Drafting to the Windows clipboard, the user can now specify that a monochrome image be created.



Drawing Management Parameters (Windows NT only)

An alternate $CCD_ROOT\DRAWINGS setting has been added to the Drawing Management parameters in CADPROF, which allows you to specify an alternate storage location for $CCD_ROOT/DRAWINGS. This directory contains files such as symbol tables, font tables, plot formats, and IUE program directories. This setting allows CADAM Drafting to be installed locally while referencing these files from a central server.

Input Device Customization (Windows NT only)

You can now select cursor type Crosshair in the Input Device Customization panel.

Compatibility Parameters

A new parameter has been added to define whether geometry created in FK Offset inherits the color and style attributes of the parent geometry.


Command Bar Change

A new command bar button, JUMP, returns the current window to its previous display setting.


Data Transfer Documentation Correction

The Retain Case Upon Transfer option has been documented. See the Data Transfer Procedures Guide for details.


Function Key AUX VIEW Change

/START/ and /SCALE/ Menu Options

In addition to selecting a point, you can now indicate a point or key in a point when performing the following activities:

Defining an orthographic view using /START/ + /ORTHOGRAPHIC/.
Turning the current view using /MOVE/.
Moving the current view using /MOVE/.
Changing the scale of the current view using /SCALE/.


Function Key DIMENSION Changes

Creating a Dimension

You can now select a dimension when positioning a newly created dimension to create a dimension line that is aligned with the selected dimension.

Dimension Specifications Panel

When you select a basic tolerance type on the dimension parameters panel, you can also choose the style of the dimension box: Tall - Wide (default style), Short - Thin, or Short - Wide.


The /TOUCH/ dialog has been enhanced to allow trailing text to be keyed and/or the dimension line arrows to be flipped immediately after placing the dimension. Also, immediately after selecting the geometry to be dimensioned, an existing dimension's witness line may be selected to create a dimension that is aligned with that existing dimension.

Function Key FILE Change


Show Axis on New

Displays the 0,0 X,Y axis location when you create a new model.


Function Key NOTE Changes

SPEC CHAR WN - Using the Dictionary

The Dictionary function in the Special Character Window has been enhanced. You can now organize logical groups of text strings on detail pages in the dictionary drawing. For more information about setting up detail pages in the dictionary drawing, see the CADAM Drafting Installation Guide.


A new menu item has been added in Function Key NOTE to allow Table elements to be created.

Swapping note positions

Menu item /CHNG/ -> /MOVE/ now allows the position of two notes to be swapped.


Function Key Group Change

Layers Confirmation

A confirmation dialog has been added before Layers mode is activated for the first time.


Hybrid Raster Change

The Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) function has been enhanced to support word recognition and dictionary lookup when converting raster text to CADAM Drafting note entities. See the Hybrid Raster User's Guide for details.

A Hybrid Raster license is no longer consumed if the user hits the HRAS function key and immediately leaves the function key without selecting any menu item.


IUE (Interactive User Exit) Documentation Correction

The DMPMDL command explanation has been corrected to be compliant with Windows NT syntax standards.


IUE (Interactive User Exit) Change

Remote Host Support

IUE now supports the opening and filing of models to remote hosts.


Options Menu Change

Device Settings -- Cursor Style (Windows NT only)

There are now four cursor types available: Default, CrossHair, Tracking Cross, and Simple Tracking Cross.


Plotting Changes

Multiple Plotting Requests (Windows NT only)

Multiple plotting requests are now allowed in a single request file. This causes CADAM Drafting plotting to process multiple plots within a single execution. See the CADAM Drafting User's Guide for details.

COLORMAP Option in the Plotting Option File

The COLORMAP keyword allows you to override the RGB values defined in the color table.



Specifies that the default color table will be used at plot time.


Specifies that a file containing alternate RGB values will override colors in the default color table.

The alternate color map file must be stored in:


Rewrite of the plot schedule dialog (Windows NT only)

The plot scheduling interface has been rewritten to allow multiple newplots, each potentially containing multiple overplots, to be scheduled as part of a single request. Multiple newplots can be selected at one time by using the CNTL/SHIFT-click select convention in the Plot Open panel.

CGM File Extension (Windows NT only)

CGM files that are created by the CCD Plot facility will now have a ".cgm" file extension.


Variational Design System (VDS) Documentation Correction

Format Specification String for printf and sprintf Functions

The format specification string description for the printf and sprintf functions has been corrected as follows:

Specifier Format

%d Print an integer


Windowing Changes

Windowing Operations (Windows NT only)

You can now use the mouse in combination with keyboard keys to perform windowing operations:

To pan down:

Shift + click right mouse button and drag upwards.

To pan up:

Shift + click right mouse button and drag downwards.

To pan right:

Shift + click right mouse button and drag to left.

To pan left:

Shift + click right mouse button and drag to right.

To zoom out:

Shift + click left mouse button and drag up.

To zoom in:

Shift + click left mouse button and drag down.

Function Keys (Windows NT only)

You can click the F5 key to display the CADAM Drafting Function Key box.

Window Set Toolbar (Windows NT only)

A new toolbar, containing the FK Window Set function, has been added. This provides access to the Window Set function from within any function key.


Licensing Change

License Use Management (LUM)

CADAM Drafting now supports and recommends IBM's License Use Management (LUM) product for the management of software licenses.