CADAM Drafting Changes in V4R2.2

System Changes

Online Documentation Delivered in HTML Format

Online documentation is now delivered in HTML format. This form can be viewed with any Internet browser.

Codepage IBM-943 Support (AIX only)

The IBM-943 codepage is now fully supported. (Note that a new version of graPHIGS is also required to enable keyin of IBM-943 unique characters.)

Hebrew Windows NT Support (Windows NT only)

The Hebrew version of Windows NT is now supported.

Updated CCDVER Utility (Windows NT only)

In addition to reporting on the consistency of a CCD installation, CCDVER can now be used to correct inconsistencies or to manage switching between multiple versions of CADAM Drafting.

Block COPY, MOVE in Remote (Windows NT only)

Multiple models can now be selected for COPY and MOVE operations when in a Remote file system.


Function Key CIRCLE Change

Circle Definition by Tangent Line and Center Point

A circle can now be defined by selecting a tangent line and a center point.


Function Key NOTE Changes

Change the /SCALE TURN/ characteristics for a group of notes

/CHNG/ -> /SCALE TURN/ operation can now be performed on a group of notes.

Select Line to Change Angle

A line can now be selected to change the angle of a note in /CHNG/ -> /ANGLE/


Hardcopy Changes

Multiple COLOR_MAP files

Unique COLOR_MAP files can now be associated to each defined plotter.

Increased Plotter Table Size

The size of the plotter table has been increased from 128 to 512.

Wildcards under /SCHEDULE/

The Wildcard settings under /SCHEDULE/ now work in conjunction with the settings used under /CALL/ and FK Detail /TRANSFER/. For example, if you activate wildcards under /CALL/ and specify a wildcard string, wildcards will be activated with the same string under /SCHEDULE/.

Plot Data Definition in Remote Mode (Windows NT only)

Plot data can be defined while a remote file system is the active file system on the Windows NT version of CADAM Drafting.


EFT Changes

Import of Tolerances

AutoCAD Release 13/14 tolerances can now be imported into CADAM Drafting.