APARs Fixed in CADAM Drafting Version 4 Release 2.3

The following APARs are fixed in Version 4 Release 2.3:

HC39682 EFT: Dimension tolerances are wrong converted from DWG to CCDraft with setting IMAP_DIM = ISO.

HC49646 EFT: Tolerances and symbols are lost after CCD-DXF-CCD conversion steps.

HC52286 EFT: Long dimension text gets scrambled when transferred from CCD to DXF.

HC52973 IUE: CCD receives a hang condition when executing an iue program with U1ADD (Itype 1070) on special overlay family. No error message is received.

HC55733 EXCHANGE: Line elements are missing in CCD drawing after exchange from DXF.

HC56238 DATA EXCHANGE: Imported file from Autocad14 is missing some geometry.

HC56543 IUE: DETAIL/COPY generates wrong elements.

HC57522 EFT: Areafills are missing, when a special model is converted from DXF to CCD.

HC57524 EFT: Details do not get transferred when special drawing is converted from CCD to DXF.

HC58396 AREAFILL: Impossible to create an areafill with autoboundary in a special model.

HC58568 Documentation: Description for IMTR437 error message is incorrect.

HC58665 CORNER: Corner operation receives an ABEND.

HC58738 EFT: Geometric TOL notes do not transfer correctly.

HC58983 EFT: A specific CCD drawing which cannot be converted to DXF.

HC58984 DISPLAY: Data from very small arcs is not returned correctly from IUE.

HC59468 NOTE: JIS CODE 0133 char displayed as "-" char with FK NOTE.

HC59540 EFT: Impossible to change value for parameter OMAP_LINETYPE, when EFT process is initiated via interactive CCD.

HC59615 IUE: Change of modelspace does not change active model.

HC60358 CADPROF: CADPROF indicates the wrong release number on startup.

HC60359 Data Transfer: Invalid color table entries are transferred to Mainframe CADAM by Data Transfer.

HC60421 FILE: Cannot file a specific model.

HC60619 DIM/PARA: CCD receives an abnormal end in FK DIM/PARA.

HC60725 ICF: One part of a broken witness line of a datum dimension (CAD STD) is missing after a round trip CCD ->HOST->CCD.

HC60911 LICENSE: If a CCD process has given up it's license, it does not check out the availability of another license, when it receives user input again.

HC60913 OVERLAY: In FK OVLY/REPLACE, entering a name which already exists in that directory (not as member of the overlay family), thismodel is overwritten without warning message.

HC60989 EFT: DXF conversion via token call. Only the first 50 characters of path are taken into account. Rest of the path is ignored.

HC61135 ICF: CCD receives an abend (Dr. Watson), when some special models are called via ICF from Host CADAM.

HC61290 IUE: U1DINX (IOPT, GROUP, SUBGRP, ISEG, NUMRET, INXAR, IRET, IERRLC) does not work as expected, since migration of CCD to 4.2.2. R1.

HC61360 ICF: Receive an abend (Dr. Watson), when special models are called via ICF from Host CADAM and a copy/paster operation is performed.

HC61727 IUE: U1OPEN gives incorrect return code when attempting to open a symbol table model.

HC61728 PLOT: Models with imbedded objects or models where an imbedded object has been deleted, do not get plotted via batch.

HC61829 PLOT: Model info is inactive in newplot window.

HC63580 DIFU: All KANJI or the characters of 'd' are not displayed correctly in the exported file.

HC63685 DATA TRANSFER: Drawings selected not put in JCL to HOST.

HC64039 RELIMIT: Adjusted (enlarged) centerlines of a circle gets shortened to its default length, when the circle is relimited.