APARs Fixed in CADAM Drafting Version 4 Release 2.3 Refresh 1

The following APARs are fixed in Version 4 Release 2.3 Refresh 1:

HC48427     PLOT: Userex Binding: No bind process for userex, plotting.
HC63176     EFT: Alternate dxf_cfgfil.u does not work; always default linetype mapping used.
HC63178     DATA TRANSFER: Linewidth of notes get changed after a round trip CCD -> HOST -> CCD.
HC63408     DIM/GLOBAL: Radius dimension gets misplaced after a DIM/GLOBAL operation.
HC64181     IUE: U1OPEN OPTION=3 receives incorrect result. The drawing was not processed if full path 
length is dividable by 4.
HC64279     DIM/TOUCH: CCD receives an abend in FK DIM/TOUCH, when a ditto and a witness line of a dimension 
is selected.
HC64490     DETAIL: FK DETAIL use lever points, KEY IN not possible.
HC64571     FILE: 'SAVE AS' of an overlay family does not save members, whose names already exist in the 
group/user directory.
HC64724     DIMENSION: CCD receives an abend in function DIMENSION.
HC65186     VIEW: View /MOVE/ areafill is not correct.
HC65445     IUE: IUELINK doesn't link correctly on HP platform.
HC65446    PLOT: Buffer plot fails after 10 buffer plots.
HC65508     DISPLAY: F/K TEXT Subfunction YEXY get distorted with line on line turned on.
HC65691     DETAIL: DETAIL/TRANSFER ---> CCD crash.
HC65763     EFT: Cannot import .DWG file.
HC66302     IUE: IUE process receives an incorrect result if the degree is more than 360.
HC66303     TYPE/AREAFILL: Areafill pattern can be scaled to a size that does not display in bounded area. 
Once done it cannot be edited, can't be seen.
HC66569     FILE/OPEN: CCD receives an abnormal end (Dr. Watson), when trying to open a special model.
HC66766     EFT: Import of a special dxf-file receives a message 'caddxf completed', but no model is created.
HC66767     CADDXF: CADDXF ends successfully, but model contains no geometry.
HC66913     EFT: Cannot import xxx.dwg file.
HC67203     EFT: Interactive changes of OMAP_SET.
HC67330     TYPE: TYPE/STYLE1/WT-ON -> CCD abends.
HC67331     EDIT: Edit/Insert new object - No Batch Plot.
HC68061     FILE: Cannot open the CCD file which was transferred from CATDrawing.
HC68255     CADTRAN: ... is not performable. Message received, 'Data Transfer request aborted".
HC68329     FILE/PLOT DATA: Impossible to create plot data, when in remote mode.
HC68330     COPY/PASTE: Receive an abend (Dr. Watson), when a special model is transferred via copy/paste 
into a new one and CCD is running in compatibility mode.
HC68655     CADEX: Cannot use ditto in CADEX component.
HC68846     IUE: U1NEXT does not work correctly when MODNO is not 1.
HC69035     IUE: Wrong or missing ellipse in detail, when detail was copied via IUE.
HC69191     INSTALL: Plotlink and bind_ccd are missing.
HC69642     CADPROF: Impossible to change special parameter in cadprof.
HC69950     Note created on CCD 419 is garbage on CCD 422 when editting it.
HC70444     INSTALL: When selecting a model, Error message received, could not execute 
C:\Ccdraft\bin\ccdraft.exe no such file directory.