APARs Fixed in CADAM Drafting Version 4 Release 2.4

The following APARs are fixed in Version 4 Release 2.4:

HC61729 IUE: Multiple parent drawings fail in IUE u1open.

HC62168 WINDOW/MOVE: Arcs of ditto disappear, when the ditto is moved via fk window/move to the border of the screen. Also, the arcs are not selectable via fk Analysis.

HC66200 WINDOW/COMPARE: Can not compare element on FK WDO /COMPARE/. Receive an error message "No members fnd", when drawing name contains slash character '/'.

HC66767 CADDXF: CADDXF ends successfully, but model contains no geometry.

HC68654 CADPROF: Drawing directory changes to the default value, when parameters in other submenues are changed.

HC69389 EFT: Cannot convert model to dxf without converting all dittos to real geometry first.

HC69641 EFT: EFT does not transfer paragraphs from Autocad R14 .dwg files. Comes as a text string.

HC70235 IUE: Extension line of dimension in a detail gets shortened, when the detail was copied via IUE.

HC70236 EFT: Dashed lines turn into solid lines when model converted to dxf file then read into autocad.

HC70237 CADDXF: EFT import of dwg file (AutoCAD 14) is not correct.

HC70276 PLOT: Using parameter 'NOTELOCOFFSET=' moves tracking information into the middle of the model, regardless of the values used. The tracking information is not readable.

HC70446 EFT: Dimension error using EFT and reading DXF output.

HC70801 PLOT: Once the grp,user or name has been changed via "SAVE AS", plot current should refer to the new grp,user or name.

HC71660 Data Mangement: Starting CCD with -m option does not work.

HC71774 DIM/TOUCH: View name does not change after DIM/TOUCH/.

HC71936 CADDXF: Geometry creation differs based on the layer-map setting.

HC72117 PLOT: Model path is changed if windows printer is used with /PLOT CURRENT/.

HC73046 EFT IMPORT: Spline, areafill are missing, problem with note.

HC73843 FILE/OPEN: Elements disappear (get erased), when opening a new model and advanced button function is active.

HC73888 Data Trans: NC points at 0,0 in details are lost when transferred to MF CADAM.

HC74551 CADDXF: AutoCAD 2000 receives an error message, when a dxf-file is imported, which was created by CCD 423 Refresh 1.

HC74552 WINDOW/COMPARE: Message 'no such file' shown, when doing a WINDOW/COMPARE operation and the path plus filename is longer than 40 characters.

HC74627 FILE/WILDCARD: Wildcard does not stay in place when user is changed.

HC74652 IUE: IUE call U1FKTB does work correctly under NT. It is not possible to activate "USER" function key.

HC74653 EFT: CCD -> DXF conversion failed without any error message. This is model dependent.

HC74750 DETAIL: Transfer can violate host compatibility.