APARs Fixed in CADAM Drafting Version 4 Release 2.4 PTF 1

The following APARs are fixed in Version 4 Release 2.4 PTF 1:

HC70445 DXFCAD: EFT translator cannot process certain dxf files.

HC73739 EFT: EFT import of dwg file is not possible. Message: caddxf completed -> no CCD model, dxf_logfile.u is empty.

HC75092 EFT: Certain DWG files cannot be read.

HC75213 CADDXF: EFT import of spline and areafill is not correct.

HC75253 TYPE: CCD crashes when creating an areafill on a specific model.

HC75436 IUE: Routine U2BTCH does not function correctly.

HC75504 PLOT: The first plot using the Window's printer is a black page.

HC75710 EFT: DXF import incorrect, lines are to fat.

HC75745 PLOT: Areafill incorrect when cgm file is generated.

HC75803 PLOT: Buffer plot fails after 10 buffer plots.

HC75924 FILE/CALL: CCD receives an abend, when a specific overlay is being called.

HC76693 EFT: Cannot convert dxf for dwg files v13-2k.

HC76743 IUE: Impossible to create a 2D cubic parametric spline via IUE.

HC76868 DETAIL/SHOW: Garbage shown when displaying a detail of an overlay member.

HC77292 DETAIL: CCD/NT detail transfer abends using /REMOTE/ after a remote plot has been submitted.

HC77419 FILE/CALL: CCD receives an abnormal end (core), when some specific models are called.

HC77420 WINDOWS/COMPARE: Message 'I/O Error' received when doing a window/compare operation, and having done a corner operation before.

HC77421 WINDOW/COMPARE: The width table stays on screen until CCD gets restarted, when a window/compare operation is started with the width table active.

HC77942 DATA TRANSFER: Dimension text gets shifted during Data Transfer from CCD to HOST CADAM.

HC78514 FILE: Screen size is incorrect.

HC78764 DIMENSION: Create a model containing a line, a text and a dimension. Select a line, the text or 
the dimension and system crashes.

HC78987 FILE: Cannot input file name as "Num.chars per field" (16,4).

HC78988 FILE: FK File does not function correctly with page Num.

HC79388 IUE: Macro Bar: When multiple models are set active and an IUE macro is started via the IUE Macro Bar, no message is shown saying 'IUE Execution not allowed when in Multiple Model Mode'. 

HC80018 ICF: ICFTRAN deamon hangs with rexec: Unknown Host.