APARs Fixed in CADAM Drafting Version 4 Release 2.4 Refresh 2

The following APARs are fixed in Version 4 Release 2.4 Refresh 2:

HC79614 EFT: Vertical bars in tolerance boxes are transferred as a vertical bar character rather than as a line.

HC79915 FILE: Path changes to path of the last model used.

HC81430 PLOT: Group/User is not changed when selecting plots.

HC82144 DETAIL /STD LIB/: Wrong panel displayed when in fk detail /std lib/ and pressing y/n to get the users displayed.

HC82477 OVERLAY: Error when using Autosave with overlays.

HC82478 PLOT: Frame is printed out, even when 'size only' is selected.

HC82484 WINDOW/ALL: Detail list panel allows details to be erased when they still have dittos.

HC82741 EFT: When running CADDXF in batch, option 15 is not working correctly.

HC82742 PLOT: The current drawing file isn't set as target drawing file to execute "Plot Current".

HC82743 DISPLAY: When splitting screen in two and opening second local drawings, after image of call list remains as ghost.

HC82785 Color map is not taken into account for color #3.

HC82939 SYMBOL: In cadprof set the Alternate Drawing directory to C:\. Create a folder c:\system\symbol. Bring up CCD, attempt to file a symbol table in this directory. Does not work. 

HC83311 FILE: /FILE/CALL with the option "TEXT" fails intermittently.

HC83393 FILE: AIX loops, if a certain ccd file is opened: NOT ENOUGH STORAGE TO PERFORM REQUESTED FUNCTION.

HC83394 IDS: A message "Lost license 20 attentions remaining before shutdown".

HC83395 PLOT: Rapidly scheduling multiple plots on AIX causes CCD to freeze.

HC83734 NOTE: MCX data translate to CCD by MCXTRAN, note line width changed to 0.

HC83893 SHOW: Model's layer table can overflow under certain conditions.

HC83932 DETAIL: Create Datum dimension in DETAIL, the result is incorrect.

HC84114 GROUP/TRANS/COPY/: Transl/copy areafill which includes a spline as one of the boundaries does not work correctly.

HC85958 EFT: Import of line widths from DXF not working correctly.

HC86029 IUE: U1FILE gives error under certain conditions.

HC86238 PLOT: Bad print quality when using post script format on windows.

HC86877 IUE: Invalid parameter indexing in U2BTCH.

HC86878 EFT: DXF file cannot be created by a specific file.

HC87462 CIRCLE: It is possible to create zero length arcs in FK Circle /ARC/.

HC88836 PLOT: CCD receives an abnormal end during plot when a user has logged on with an UID with more than 13 characters.

HC88838 IUE: IUE program (U2DIMS) not setting end conditions correctly.