APARs Fixed in CADAM Drafting Version 4 Release 2.4 Refresh 3

The following APARs are fixed in Version 4 Release 2.4 Refresh 3:

HC82479 WDO/SCREEN: View PV is displayed instead of Detail Page 1, in copy/paste scenario.

HC83931 OVERLAY: In multi model, new elements added to drawing which is not active.

HC83994 IDS: Unable to edit a long text, although it can be created.

HC84595 DTR: Unable to remotely overfile from CCD/NT if group owns directory.

HC88844 IDS: CCD abends with a non recoverable error when trying to apply HLR.

HC89332 Data Transfer: Hosts cannot be added by "Define Data Transfer Hosts".

HC89988 EFT: When importing DXF files, cannot convert layers to overlays.

HC89989 IUE: U2BTCH with a Bourne shell file as parameter, does not call this shell.

HC90312 RELIMIT/Both Ends: Select 2 lines, CCD receives an ABEND.

HC90751 IUE: U1OPEN with IOPT=2 gives RC=3 if ',' exists in filename.

HC91446 ANALYSIS: Wrong surface area calculation using f/k anal, /mass prop/, /body of rev/, /360/.

HC92992 EFT: Text in a ccd.model is misplaced when the model is exported in Autocad 2000 format.

HC92993 EFT: DXF out > Cannot open it by Autocad 2000.

HC93466 PLOT: Reference Entities do not get plotted when plot current is used.

HC93866 FILE: If an overlay drawing is saved at the remote side, a name is not changed correctly.

HC94786 WINDOW: Screen set definition is not saved with model on windows.