APARs Fixed in CADAM Drafting Version 4 Release 2.4 Refresh 3 PTF 1

The following APARs are fixed in Version 4 Release 2.4 Refresh 3 PTF 1:

HC83930 CADDXF: Certain DWG areafills are not exported into CCD.

HC93617 DETAIL: Copy radius dimension to detail page -> position of text is not correct.

HC93908 EFT: Ellipses from a specific DXF file are not translated correctly.

HC94787 GROUP: Disable and re-enable layer mode in overlay model --> CCD abends.

HC96521 CADDXF: Wrong value for system variable 'Measurement' created.

HC96815 CADDXF: EFT output of special model with OMAP_TEXT=MTEXT is not possible.

HC97149 RELIMIT: Interrup of 'Relimit both ends' --> CCD abends.

HC97151 CADDXF: EFT export of special model not possible under AIX.

HC97611 IUE: U1FILE Does not work if ',' exists in filename.

HC97873 DATA TRANSFER: Fails on some flange angle splines.

HC98699 DETAIL: When executing FK Detail/Transfer in an overlay drawing, CCD abends. 

HC98700 FILE: Cannot save an overlay drawing by FK File/All changed.

HC98701 LINE: CCD Abends in function LINE.

HC98932 IUE: Update iuelink for HP-UX 11.0.

HC99734 CADDXF: CADDXF does not run on Korean Windows 2000.