APARs Fixed in CADAM Drafting Version 4 Release 2.4 Refresh 3 PTF 2

The following APARs are fixed in Version 4 Release 2.4 Refresh 3 PTF 2:

HC97208 FILE/OPEN: Bad ACAD spline causes CCD to hang. Some dimensions not converted from ACAD.

HC97289 CADDXF: DWG import -> missing dimensions.

HC99621 CADDXF: CADDXF receives an abend (core), when a special ccd model is translated to dxf.

HD00488 EFT: When executing loopback test (CCD -> DXF -> CCD), some elements were lost.

HD01006 CADDXF: Geometry missing, when transferring a special overlay to DXF.

HD05460 EFT: DXF/DWG-import ignores elements.

HD05869 EFT: Inconsistencies and failure to load in AutoCAD when processing multiple models in EFT.

HD06373 SYSTEM: CCD receives a hang condition when switching from Unrestricted and back to Compatible mode with overlays.

HD07766 RASTER: Raster text selection is inconsistent when using the TextWin and TextLine options.

HD07767 NOTE: NOTE/TEXT-FIND function causes a CCD crash.

HD08905 EFT: The orientation of the notes are not correctly transferred (note attribute "No Turn").

HD09605 Datatran: Cannot Read up CADAM model into CCD.

HD10531 RASTER: CCDraft single pixel wide HRaster entities do not plot via HPGL.

HD10532 IUE: IUE-U2DIMS create dimension-witness line with wrong end condition.

HD11083 Windows: Character 8AAC is not displayed correctly in the Windows version of CCD.