Problems Fixed in CADAM Drafting Version 5 Release 20 Service Pack 1

C1829: Relimit: The 'Relimit both ends' function leaves an unlimited line if the function is exited prior to completion. It should work the same as /ENDS/ in this case.

C1830: Helix Translator: When translating Helix models in a native Traditional Chinese environment, text is not translated correctly.

C1831: FK Note: Document the /VOICE/ and /ALIGN/ functions in FK Note.

C1832: FK Note: Provide a Japanese translation for the FK Note main menu.

C1833: Licensing: The CCD license is not being released immediately upon CCD closure.

C1834: Dialog: FK bar is too large, causing the bottom of the bar to be cut off in many cases.

C1837: Plot: Plot fails when plotting a specific overlay family.

C1838: EFT: Double-byte strings are incompletely translated by EFT in certain models.

C1839: IUE: Certify and document the Absoft Fortran V11.0 compiler for developing IUE programs.

C1841: FK Detail: Circles with excessively large start and end angles do not detail-copy correctly.