What's new in CADAM Drafting Version 5-6 Release 2014

The following changes have been made to the CADAM Drafting product since the Version 5-6 Release 2013 base release.


System Changes

Undo/Redo (Windows only)

CADAM Drafting now supports multiple undo and redo operations. New Undo and Redo buttons on the Edit toolbar and menu support this function.

Access to Windows Fonts (Windows only - Added in SP3)

Any Windows font available on the user's PC can now be selected when creating text bearing elements. The active font can be selected under FK Note -> Parms -> Font. The font of an existing text bearing element can be changed under FK Note -> Chng -> Font. The right mouse button click contextual menus have also been changed to allow the current font to be selected.

Unicode Keyin Line (Windows only - Added in SP3)

The keyin line now supports Unicode when keying text. This allows any character to be keyed in regardless of the current local. The Windows utility Character Map can now be used to select characters to be entered on the keyin line.

Support for Latin Extended Additional Characters (Windows only - Added in SP3)

Strokes have been added for Unicode Latin Extended Additional characters located in the range 1E00 through 1EF9 .

Convert Font String to Note (Windows only - Added in SP3)

A CADAM font string, created in FK Symbol, can be converted back to a regular note. Simply right-click on a font string and select Convert from the contextual menu.


FK Detail Change

Erase Unused Details (Windows only - Added in SP2)

A new function for erasing all unused details in a model has been added. This function is located under the /THUMBNAILS/ menu. When using this function, all details with a ditto count of zero will be erased.


FK Note Change

Key Inter-Character Spacing (Windows only - Added in SP3)

The option now exists to key inter-character spacing when specifying horizontal spacing. Inter-character spacing is defined as horizontal spacing minue character width. To access this method of specifying spacing, select Parms -> Horiz Sp and press YN twice.


FK Point Change

Secondary Grid (Windows only)

Menu option /BRIGHT/ can be used to display a secondary grid. A secondary grid brightens certain grid points based on a spacing factor defined by the user. For example, if the user defines a secondary grid spacing of '5', every fifth grid point will display with a higher intensity.


FK Raster Change

CADAM Drafting TIFF Converter (Windows only)

A new utility for converting multi-color JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, or PNG images to bitonal (monochrome) CCITT G4 TIFF images is now available for purchase in The CADAM Store. (http://www.cadam.com/TheCadamStore/index.php) The images created by this utility can then be imported into CADAM Drafting using the Hybrid Raster product.


FK Symbol Change

ISO/JIS Section Line (Added in SP1)

Section lines that adhere to the ISO and JIS standards can now be created. The type of section line created is defined in CADPROF, on the Symbol Defaults page.



Default Font (Windows only - Added in SP3)

The default font used when creating text bearing elements can be defined in CADPROF under Text Defaults. When a Windows font is selected, the default text size can be specified in 'points'.


EFT Changes

AutoCAD 2013 Support (Windows only)

AutoCAD 2013 format for DXF/DWG input and output is now supported.

Multi-leader Support (Windows only)

Multi-leaders can now be imported into CADAM Drafting. They are imported as individual arrows and linear splines.


IUE Changes

U1FNNQ, U1FNNS (Windows only - added in SP3)

U1FNNS has been added to allow the IUE program to set the font of the session or of a specific text bearing element by specifying a Windows font name. U1FNNQ can be used to inquire the current session font name or that of a specific text bearing element. Any Windows font available on your computer may be used with these new functions.