Problems Fixed in CADAM Drafting Version 5-6 Release 2017 SP1

BR10000214108: Data Transfer: User defined '01xx' characters are causing Data Trans to crash.

BR10000214106: Data Transfer: Notes with more than 255 characters cause Data Transfer to fail.

BR10000213839: PDF Export: No-shown symbols are shown on PDF export.

BR10000213690: Data Transfer: Data Tran report file is not legible in CCD viewer dialog.

BR10000213524: EFT: Block names greater than 32 characters can cause importing from DXF/DWG to fail.

BR10000210205: EFT: Specific ellipses were corrupted at DWG-export.

BR10000209598: Licensing: CCD V5-6R2016 doesn't obtain DSLS license over VPN although CATIA and SmarTeam does at the same time.

BR10000214648: Edit: Unable to copy/paste to multiple models in multi-model mode.

BR10000214545: Textline: Creating a textline from an existing point to point line sometimes hangs.