What's new in CADAM Drafting Version 5-6 Release 2019

The following changes have been made to the CADAM Drafting product since the Version 5-6 Release 2018 base release.

DSLS Server Upgrade Required

This release of CADAM Drafting requires DSLS 2018x (6.420.0 August 31, 2017) when concurrent licensing is used.

DSLS Offline licenses

CCD now supports using an extracted offline CCD license.  Customers also having CATIA V5 products installed and who use the DS License Server to serve V5 licenses can export a CCD license for offline use for up to 30 days. CCD and the CATIA V5 software must be installed on the same client machine.  Just as a CATIA V5 user may use the license management tool, DSLicMgt.exe, to export a CATIA license for offline use, the user can now also export a CCD license for offline use.

DSLSCheck Program

A program, DSLSCheck.exe, has been added to the bin folder. This diagnosic routine can be used to help diagnose licensing and other CADAM Drafting environment issues.

TIFF Converter

A new program, ccdtiffconverter.exe, has been added to the bin folder. This routine can be used to convert color raster images to monochrome TIFF images that can then be imported into CADAM Drafting. Run the program and select Help for instructions on using the program.

New IUE Function - U1QDMA

A new IUE function, U1QDMA, has been added. This function allows you to query the elements associated to an associative dimension.

New IUE Samples

Two new IUE sample programs - one for Fortran and one for C - have been added under the IUE\TOOLS folder.

New IUE Programs

Five new IUE programs have been added. They are all batch programs and have been added under the IUE\BIN folder. The programs are dupgeometry.iue for removing duplicate geometry, modelmerge.iue for merging models, overlaymerge.iue for merging overlay families, removeview99.iue for removing view 99 from drawings and unuseddetail.iue for removing unused details from models. These programs are provided as-is. If user modifications are required, the source for these programs has been provided in the IUE\TOOLS\Source folder.

Zoom at cursor

When zooming with the mouse wheel or keyboard buttons, the user now has the option to zoom about the cursor location rather than the center of the window. This option is set in Options -> Device Settings.