What's new in CADAM Drafting Version 5 Release 10

The following changes have been made to the CADAM Drafting product since the Version 5 Release 9 base release.

System Changes

Preselect Highlight (Windows only)

Preselect highlight is now available for the Windows version of CADAM Drafting. The Preselect Highlight option can be activated and deactivated under View -> Data Tips. It is active by default.

CADAM Cursor (Windows only)

The ability to dynamically see defining points, intersecting points and other points of interest has been added to CADAM Drafting as a feature called "CADAM Cursor". When this feature is active (the default), passing the cursor over an element will temporarily show points of interest on that element. These temporary points can then be selected to create additional geometry. This feature enhances user productivity by removing the need to go to FK Point to create construction points. This feature is only active in the Point, Line, Circle and Spline function keys.

SmarTeam Support Enabled (Windows only)

The V5R10 version of CADAM Drafting enables support of the SmarTeam interface that is now available for CADAM Drafting. See www.cadam.com for more information on the SmarTeam interface for CADAM Drafting.

AIX Version 5 support (AIX only)

CATIA V5 (including CADAM Drafting for V5) now supports AIX Version 5.1.  Support continues for AIX Version 4.3.3.

HP-UX 10 support removed (HP-UX only)

CATIA V5 (including CADAM Drafting for V5) no longer supports HP-UX Version 10.  Only HP-UX version 11 is supported.

LUM 4.6.5 support 

LUM 4.6.5 is now supported for use with CADAM Drafting.  Note that the use of LUM 4.6.4 is no longer recommended.



Nonexistent directories can be specified (Windows only)

Directories which do not exist can now be specified on the Data Management panel. Instead of preventing nonexistent directories from being specified, a warning is now issued and the administrator is allowed to save the directory information. This allows administrators who manage remote sites to set CADPROF directory information using their local workstation and then export the resulting "installation" file to the remote workstation(s).


EFT Changes

Note line weight support

Note line weight is now supported for both import and export.

Improved crash tolerance and reporting 

Changes have been made to the EFT translator to allow the processing of multiple models to carry on in the case where bad data in one of the models causes the translator to crash.  A report file (named dxf_process_list.u) is placed in the TEMP directory which gives the status of the processed models.


Hardcopy Change

Plot data not needed when batch plotting

When batch plotting, it is no longer necessary for plot data to be defined in the model(s) to be plotted.  If plot data is not present, a Window ALL will be performed.  The resulting extents will be used for plotting the model.