What's new in CADAM Drafting Version 5 Release 12

The following changes have been made to the CADAM Drafting product since the Version 5 Release 11 base release.

System Changes

SmarTeam Support Enhanced (Windows only)

Plotting on CCD has been modified to interface with SmarTeam. When a user is connected to SmarTeam, selecting Plot will cause three check boxes to appear on the Plot panel. They are "Search SmarTeam projects", "Search SmarTeam" and "Search outside of SmarTeam".

Additional Windows Language Versions Supported (Windows only)

CADAM Drafting will now run on Central European, Eastern European, Russian, Turkish, and Greek versions of Windows.

Special Character Window Access to Additional Language Characters (Windows only)

A new version of specdef is provided for optional use when the user requires access to Central European, Eastern European, Cyrillic, Hebrew, or Greek characters. This alternate file is named "specdef_multilang" and is located in the CCD_ROOT\PROFILE directory. It should be renamed to "specdef" if the user wants to use this version instead of the default version. Additional pages of characters can be accessed by paging forward in the special character window.

Stroke definitions for additional ISO 8859 codesets (Windows only)

Character stroke defintions have been added for all ISO 8859/2, ISO 8859/3 and ISO 8859/4 characters, allowing these characters to be displayed in CADAM Drafting text bearing elements.


Hardcopy Change

Control Plot Tracking Information Scale

The user can now control the scaling of the plot tracking information by using the NOTESCALE plot option.

View Button for Plot Status (Windows only)

A "View" button has been added to the Plot Status panel. This button will allow the user to view the contents of a status file. Multiple files may be selected and they will be viewed one after the other. Double-clicking on a file name will select that file and initiate the viewing process.

EFT Changes

Filled ditto/symbol support

The fill characteristic on filled dittos and symbols is now transferred to AutoCAD.