What's new in CADAM Drafting Version 5 Release 17

The following changes have been made to the CADAM Drafting product since the Version 5 Release 16 base release.

System Changes

CADEX and SmarTeam-CCD Integration part of standard install (Windows only - Added in SP4)

CADEX and the SmarTeam-CCD Integration are now part of the standard CADAM Drafting install. Selecting these products as part of a 'Custom' install is no longer required.

Set point size interactively (Windows only)

Point size can now be set interactively under Options -> Display Settings. This option was previously only available under cadprof.

Note parameters can be set via a Windows panel (Windows only)

You can now set all note parameters through the general Properties panel. With Advanced Mouse Button Functions set on, right-click in any open area on the drawing, then click on Properties... then click on the Change button next to Notes. A panel containing all of the note properties appears, as well as a sample note that shows what the current properties will look like when applied to a note. This panel provides the same function as setting parameters individually under the /PARMS/ function in function key Note.

CNTL keys for editing (Windows only)

Cntl+X, Cntl+C, and Cntl+V can now be used to access the CADAM Drafting Cut, Copy and Paste functions.

Euro symbol added (Windows only)

The Euro currency symbol has been added at Unicode code point 20AC.

Hang point shown on Note Properties sample note (Windows only - added in SP1)

The sample note that displays when the Note Properties panel is displayed now displays a point for the note's hang point. This makes it easier to see the effect of certain changes such as position or justification.

Font menu added to Note Properies panel (Windows only - added in SP1)

The current font can now be selected in the Note Properties panel.

Physical address and hostname information (Windows only - added in SP1)

The menu item About this Machine under the Help pulldown menu provides the physical address and hostname information for the workstation. This information is useful when obtaining licenses for CADAM Drafting.


Function Key Analysis Change

Exporting Section and Mass properties (Windows only - added in SP1)

When specifying that Section or Mass property results should be placed on a detail page, they are now also automatically exported to a CSV file.


Function Key Detail Change

LIST available for Transfer (Windows only - added in SP1)

The detail LIST panel is now available when performing a detail transfer operation.


Function Key Dimension Change

Select points under TOUCH (Windows only - added in SP1)

A point can now be selected under the TOUCH option when positioning or repositioning the dimension text.


Function Key Group Change

Activating Layer Mode with a large model

In previuos releases, Layer Mode could not be activated if the current model contained more than 65,000 elements because CCD attempts to put all existing elements in Layer 0 when Layer Mode is first activated. Since a layer can not contain more than 65,000 elements, CCD would not allow Layer Mode to be activated in this case. Layer Mode can now be activated regardless of the number of elements in the current model. If there are more than 65,000 elements in the current model, Layer 0 will be created but NO element will be added to any layer. It will be up to the user to create additional layers and to manually add elements into these layers (observing the 65,000 element limit) after Layer Mode is activated.


Function Key Note Changes

/FONT/ available under Windows (Windows only)

Users can now select from a set of bitmap fonts when displaying and plotting text elements. When text is plotted with one of these fonts, the text string is placed in the plot file. This will enable searching on text in CADAM Drawings that have been converted to PDF. The fonts available are Times Roman, Helvetica and Courier (including bold and italic variants).

Size limit on imported tables removed

In previous releases, CSV files with more than 50 rows or 50 columns could not be imported under the /TABLE/ function. This limit has been removed. The new limit is 60,000 cells.

Voice Notes (Windows only - added in SP1)

The menu option Voice has been added to the FK Note main menu. Selecting this option will bring up Microsoft Voice Recorder so that a sound object can be inserted into the CCD model.


Hardcopy Change

FONTOVERRIDE plot option (Windows only)

A new option, FONTOVERRIDE, is available when plotting to the Postscript, CGM and Windows printers on Windows. This option allows the user to specify that all text should be rendered using one of the bitmap fonts that is now available. When this option is used, the actual text string will be placed in the plot file. An example of where this will be useful is when CADAM Drafting drawings are converted to PDF. Having the actual text string in the plot file will allow text searching within the PDF file.


CADEX Change

Location of CADEX support drawings (Windows only)

All support drawings and files will now be expected to reside in a subdirectory named "Support". Moving these support drawings and files will be done automatically when the user brings up CADEX for the first time under V5R16 SP2. A file named "support_migration_done-do_not_remove" will be added to every CADEX drawing directory that has already been processed. If this file is deleted or renamed, it will cause the search and relocating of the support drawings and files to be re-done.


EFT Change

Support for AutoCAD 2007 DXF/DWG files (Windows only - Added in SP5)

Support for import and export of AutoCAD 2007 DXF and DWG files has been added.