What's new in CADAM Drafting Version 5 Release 18

The following changes have been made to the CADAM Drafting product since the Version 5 Release 17 base release.

System Changes

Windows Vista support (Windows only)

Windows Vista (either the Business or Ultimate versions) is now supported by CADAM Drafting.

Windows Installation simplified (Windows only)

The CADEX and SmarTeam-CCD Integration files are now installed as part of the standard CADAM Drafting installation process. A separate license is still required to use these products.

Hang point shown on Note Properties sample note (Windows only)

The sample note that displays when the Note Properties panel is displayed now displays a point for the note's hang point. This makes it easier to see the effect of certain changes such as position or justification.

Font menu added to Note Properies panel (Windows only)

The current font can now be selected in the Note Properties panel.

Physical address and hostname information (Windows only)

The menu item About this Machine under the Help pulldown menu provides the physical address and hostname information for the workstation. This information is useful when obtaining licenses for CADAM Drafting.


Function Key Analysis Change

Exporting Section and Mass properties (Windows only)

When specifying that Section or Mass property results should be placed on a detail page, they are now also automatically exported to a CSV file.


Function Key Detail Change

LIST available for Transfer (Windows only)

The detail LIST panel is now available when performing a detail transfer operation.


Function Key Dimension Change

Select points under TOUCH (Windows only)

A point can now be selected under the TOUCH option when positioning or repositioning the dimension text.


Function Key Note Changes

Voice Notes (Windows only)

The menu option Voice has been added to the FK Note main menu. Selecting this option will bring up Microsoft Voice Recorder so that a sound object can be inserted into the CCD model.


EFT Change

AutoCAD 2007 support (Windows only - Added in SP1)

The AutoCAD 2007 format DXF and DWG files are supported for both input and output. AutoCAD versions 11, 12 and 13 have been desupported.