What's new in CADAM Drafting Version 5 Release 7 

The following changes have been made to the CADAM Drafting product since Version 5 Release 6.

Function Key DIMENSION Change

Flag to remove new dimension text clearance when JIS dimensions are transferred to MF CADAM 

When new JIS dimensions created in CADAM Drafting V5R5 and above, or 424 and above are transferred to MF CADAM, the text clearance displays differently than pre-existing JIS dimesions.  A switch has been created that will force all JIS dimensions to display with the old style clearance.  To activate the switch, place a file (containing at least one character) named "oldjis" in the CCD_ROOT/PROFILE directory.  Note that, upon return to CADAM Drafting, these transferred JIS dimensions will continue to behave as pre-V5R5 dimensions.  


Function Key Symbol Change

Editing font strings 

A new /EDIT/ option has been added to /FONT/ which allows the characters in an existing font string to be edited.


Hardcopy Changes

GEOMSCALE=SIZE,x,y option 

This new option of the GEOMSCALE parameter will automatically set the plot scale such that the geometry will fit within the specified xsize,ysize limits.


In previous releases, dashes were always plotted at the size specified in the "Length of Dash Segment" and "Length of Space".  The plot scale did not affect the display of dash segments and spaces.  Setting this new option to "yes" will apply the plot data scale to the "Length of Dash Segment" and "Length of Space" parameters if the plot data scale is less than 1.0.  These parameters will not be affected if the plot data scale is greater than 1.0.


CADEX Change

Add wiredata to netlist report

When a netlist report is generated, any blank wiredata will be replaced with a non-blank wiredata found within the same net.


EFT Changes

AutoCAD 2000 Support

DXF and DWG files generated by AutoCAD 2000 are now supported.

Ellipse handling options

The OMAP_ELLIPSE parameter has been added to allow the user to specify whether ellipses should be exported as true ellipses or as a polyline approximation.  Ellipses exported as AutoCAD ellipses will now maintain their linewidth attribute if AutoCAD 2000 is specified.


IUE Change

IUE Macros Toolbar Program List (Windows only)

The user or system administrator can now specify which IUE programs will appear in the IUE Macro Toolbar dropdown list.  See "Using the IUE Macro Menu and Toolbar" in "Getting Started with CADAM Drafting for V5 on Windows" for more information.


MCX/Helix Translator Change

Preview images (Windows only)

Helix Preview Images are now transferred to CADAM Drafting Preview Images.



Point Size Specification (Windows only)

The user can now specify the displayed size of points in the Drafting Customization panel in CADPROF.  Valid sizes range from 1 to 24 pixels.

Default Detail Import Library (Windows only)

The system administrator can now specify the default directory for Detail Import in the Drawing Management panel in CADPROF.

Default Logon Data (Windows only)

The system administrator can now specify a default logon ID and password for any defined CADAM file system on the Define CADAM File Systems panel in CADPROF.  It is also now possible to specify that the logon panel be skipped.  See "Summary of Steps for Installing an ICF Server" in the "ICF Installation Guide" for more information.