What's new in CADAM Drafting Version 5 Release 8

The following changes have been made to the CADAM Drafting product since the Version 5 Release 7 base release.

System Changes

LUM 4.6.2 support 

LUM 4.6.2 is now supported for use with CADAM Drafting.

Support for Czech characters (Windows only)

20 characters have been added to the "01" character page to support the creation of text bearing elements using Czech characters.


FK Detail Change

Windowing in Detail Import 

The user can now use the keyboard keys and the Command Bar windowing buttons to perform window operations when viewing a Detail Import drawing.


FK Line Change

Line divide feature 

The new line divide feature creates lines that divide the area between two existing lines into equal spaces.  To divide an area, the user specifies the number of spaces into which the area will be divided, then selects the first bounding line and then the second.  The appropriate number of new lines are created, equally spaced between the two selected bounding lines.  The newly created lines are the same length as the first selected line, except in the case where the intersection point lies on the first selected line.  This function is accessed in FK Line, menu item DIV.


FK Relimit Change

Relimit both ends 

The new relimit both ends feature allows both ends of an element to be relimited in a single operation.  For example, if a horizontal line is intersected by two vertical lines and the user wants this line to be relimted to both of the vertical lines, they would select the BOTH ENDS option in FK Relimit, select the line to be relimited, then select each of the limiting lines.  The horizontal line would then be relimited to fit within the two vertical lines.  At this point, the user can press YN to flip the line to be relimited to the outside of the veritcal lines.


FK Symbol Change

Allow arrow attach point to be moved 

The arrowhead attach point of an existing arrow can now be repositioned.  This is done under FK Symbol -> Arrow -> Edit.  If the arrow to be edited is selected on the arrowhead itself, then the arrowhead attach point will be moved to the subsequently indicated point.  If the arrow is selected anywhere else on the arrow, the previously available repositioning options will apply.


EFT Changes

Select between mtext and regular text 

A new output parameter has been added to determine whether text is exported to DXF/DWG using mtext or regular text.  The parameter is OMAP_TEXT and can be set to either "mtext" or "text".  The default setting is "mtext".  Access to this new parameter has also been added to the interactive export parameter panel.

Import of splines defined by control points 

AutoCAD splines that have been defined using control points can now be imported into CADAM Drafting.

Solid areafill support

Solid areafills having no pattern are now translated to DXF solid hatch elements.

Improved color mapping 

Color mapping has been improved so that color conversion is done directly from RGB values rather than simply matching color indices.  


Hardcopy Changes

User definable Postscript accuracy (Windows only)

The user can now specify the accuracy of Postscript plots.  This is done with the new "%ac" parameter in the Postscript ".def" file.  The parameter is followed by an integer number that specifies the desired DPI accuracy in hundreds.  For example, specifying "%ac 2" would produce Postscript plots with a print accuracy of 200 dots per inch.  A new default "psc.def" file is supplied with CADAM Drafting which sets this value to 300 dots per inch.  Previously, the accuracy of Postscript output was fixed at 100 dots per inch.  Note that, while setting this value higher will result in more accurate output, it will also result in larger Postscript files and, therefore, slower output performance.

Plotter table sorting 

The plotter table is sorted and refiled whenever the user adds or modifies a plotter table entry.